It happends that sometimes when we copy some content from one file to another MathCAD gives us the message “ the contents of this file has been corrupted”, to have the possibility to save our file do the following:

1. Look if you’re copied or not copied content has the red squares which mean that MathCad has problems with solving some equations. Delete them or make changes that everything can be solved. This should work

If you by mistake closed the programm and you can not open your file because it gives you this error follow this steps.

  1. Download “recovery” file and save it in the same folder your broken file is.

  1. Open this file, on the message appearing answer “No”
  2. In the purple field “File Name” we define name of our broken file for example File Name=”Project”. Don’t use *.xmcd ending in defining the name.
  3. Open the collapsed “Recovery functions“. Right click on the fileread and filewrite than “Edit Script” than Apply (square with a tick mark).
  4. Look at the field “number of regions converted” which means how many regions does your file has in an order which your file goes from beginning to the end.
  5. In the Region Exclusion in violet field k=x….y  we enter the range which we want to exclude,  hoping that we delete the region which is causing this error. k<number of regions converted
  6. The repaired file is saved at a new name “your file name test.xmcd. Try to open it. If you still receive this error message you must expand the range of Region Exclusion changing k =x…y

I hope I helped. If you have problems leave the comment.

EDIT: The solution is based on the file uploaded by some genious from MathCAD community forum not me. It was hard for me to understand instructions from MathCAD forum so after I finally found the right way I thought I will share my instructions with others. If this post is read by the author of the file, don’t hesitate to write and introduce yourself.

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  1. Bill 6 lat temu


    I have heard some good things about your Mathcad recovery file and I have a file that I would very much like to try it on. I’ve got a Mathcad 12 file which no longer opens and causes Mathcad to crash.

    Unfortunately the link to your file doesn’t seem to work any more – would it be possible to send it by email instead, or point me at a different link.

    Many thanks for your help and for the useful website!!


  2. Marcus 6 lat temu

    Hi, has been shut down as of 12/4/13. Can you please host recovery.xmcd.html at a different site?


  3. sonik 6 lat temu

    totalnie nie rozumiem o co chodzi albo skrypt nie działa

  4. Oksana 6 lat temu

    Thank you for such useful article!

  5. Amro 5 lat temu

    I followed your guidance, and guess what, It worked fine. appreciate it.

  6. MC USer 5 lat temu

    As the recovery file was not written by you but was just taken from the Mathcad forum site, you sure should give proper credit to the author!

    • autor
      Szymon Janczura 5 lat temu

      Yes, you’re are right. I never wanted to take credit for something I didn’t do. My page isn’t focusing on MathCAD, but on BIM and I am not calling my self mathCAD guru, it was just an addition. I know that it was written by someone from russia (but I don’t know how to find out who is the author now).

  7. ALEX 5 lat temu

    Thank You for the help!

    • Norbert Siwiec 5 lat temu

      You are welcome!

  8. Victor 4 lata temu

    I Follow the instruction but I dont see the repair file save to my folder.

  9. Nicolas 4 lata temu

    Hey! My file just crashed and I found this but I can’t seem to fix it. I have a code that says, “The Contents of this file have been corrupted, Line Number=386 and Line position = 136”
    Please help ASAP!!!!
    My homework is due tomorrow!

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